“What the deuce is Neznem?”

Alright, those of you who have followed me through my blog refresh and my handful of newer readers, thank you! I’m happy to have you along whatever crazy journey this blog takes me on. I have a lot of ideas planned for things to write about including one for this coming this Sunday, if my plans work out.

Because I’m awesome, and my boyfriend had to work late, I’m at home on my Friday night and in between games with my friends online, so I thought I would do a quick blog post while I was in the mood to, as well as address something I’ve been getting a few questions on.

Some of you, maybe even some people that have known me for a long time, like my friend Jeremy who asked the question that is the title of this post, might be curious about ‘Neznem,’ which is part of the new title of the blog. Also it allows me to showcase a bit of my nerdiness.

The story takes us back again to my LDS mission. On my mission, as I have pretty much all through my life, I gravitated towards a group of geek and nerdy friends. We played Magic the Gathering on our days off, board games (before they were banned), and just in general spent time together as much as possible and discussed nerdly things.

One of the things we discussed was playing World of Warcraft together after we were all done with the mission. We thought it would be cool and funny to all follow the same kind of naming pattern for our new WoW toons. I don’t even remember who thought of it, but we decided we would do our last names backwards. We knew each other by our last names because when you’re a missionary you’re known, to everyone, as ‘Elder Soandso” (insert last name.) All of our last names backwards actually sounded kind of cool, and at least one person other than me still uses theirs also.

My last name backwards is Nessnem. I wasn’t a huge fan of that, also I didn’t want people to think of the kid from Smash Brothers, so I changed the double ‘s’ to a ‘z’ and it became Neznem.


(Neznem, first of his name)

In the past seven years since coming home and creating that WoW character, a Blood Elf Mage (though he started out as Undead, for those who remember) if you’re curious, but I’ve also just used that nickname for all of my online gaming and nickname-driven social media like Twitter. I know that with the advent of social media, we’re seeing the death of online ‘handles’ and nicknames in lieu of just your actual names, but I’m a sucker for that soon to be bygone era perhaps best idealized by The Matrix movies. So, in picking a name for my new blog where I wanted the scope of it to expand more than just my coming out and religious struggles, I thought it would be fitting to bridge it with a name that represents many of my hobbies and bring it all together.

So there ya go, almost 500 words on where my nickname of Neznem comes from. You’re welcome, and hopefully see you again Sunday!

-Trent / Neznem