I made this blog to explore, in writing, my experience of leaving the Mormon church and the many complex thoughts and emotions running through my head. It is a way to explore all the possible negative feelings that this journey has made me feel as well as all the joy and happiness I’ve found since. I do this here and not on my Facebook to provide myself a safe place to explore and hopefully deal with these feelings away from people on my wall that get easily offended if you “attack” their beliefs.

If you find yourself often offended by disagreeing viewpoints on the internet, you should not read this. If I do not mention you specifically in these pages, you do not get to take offense, I’m warning you now. I’m going to be dealing with hard to swallow and controversial topics. If you do not wish to engage in these thoughts and feelings please do not keep reading.

I welcome discussion, thoughts and even disagreements, but I will not allow bashing or slurs of any kind, or anything that is not constructive.

Thank you, and for those who do read, I hope you enjoy.


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