I’m moving! …Again.

Yeah, I know. There hasn’t been a lot of activity here. I recently bought some web hosting and will be moving my blog to my new website http://www.trentmenssen.com

I felt the blog here was a little too narrow in focus and I wanted to be able to write and make other types of content (thinking about YouTube videos and podcasts) and post all of it in a central place.

To any WordPress subscribers, you’ll still see my updates once the move is completed in your Reader, but you’ll have to resub for email subscriptions. It’s in the upper right on the new blog. I hope you’ll follow me as I get back into the swing of things. I’m excited about writing about all of my passions: Religion still, as always, but also video gaming, LGBT issues, TV/movies, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Lots of love,


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