Fresh Look, Fresh Direction

Hey all! After a very short internal debate with a few comments and perspectives, I have given the site a new name, address, and graphical face lift. After an hour and a half, no joke, of browsing free WordPress themes, because I’m cheap, I’ve decided on a look and have started to customize it. There are a few tweaks and changes to come, but welcome to the new site! Don’t worry, all of my old posts are here, and I’ll be giving them their own page (once I figure out how that works), and lots of experimentation with new kinds of posts to come. Expect to see posts about music, politics, sports (especially Sporting KC), religion/atheism, and whatever else my brain thinks up.

Opinions, comments, leave them below, tweet to me @Neznem, or email them to

Happy Monday everyone!

– Trent / Neznem


2 thoughts on “Fresh Look, Fresh Direction

  1. I have very much enjoyed being around for most of the journey that “My Elusive Happiness” was about and stemmed from and dare I say even a little proud in that I might have helped, even if in a small way through that journey. I am also thrilled and find this new theme and direction very fitting and it makes me smile to see the transition. I know we will be life long friends and more immediately I can’t frickin’ wait for your and Ben’s visit here in just about 6 weeks now!!! Congratulations on the incredible person you are and have become and the life and groundwork you have laid for an continued amazing life of happiness to come!

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